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Published on May 04, 2018
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Tomato ketchup is a very easy and simple recipe. We are not using any preservatives or artificial color in this recipe. Still tomato ketchup has a fantastic color and texture. Do try this recipe at home and forget to buy tomato ketchup from the market. Do not forget to like, comment, share and subscribe.

•1 kg Tomatoes
• 1/4 portion of Beet root
• 1/4 cup Sugar
• 1/2 tsp Salt
• 2 tsp Red chili powder
• 2 tsp Vinegar
• Sodium Benzoate (Optional)

• Wash tomatoes well and dry them.
• Cut off the upper portion of tomatoes and cut them roughly into 4
• Transfer the chopped tomatoes into cooker.
• Chop beet root into small pieces and add in tomatoes.
• You can peel the beet root if you want. Mix well.
• Beet gives nice red color to ketchup.
• Close the lid and cook on medium heat until 3 whistles.
• No need to add water and moisture content in tomatoes is
enough for cooking.
• You can cook the tomatoes in a pot too.
• Let the cooker cool down completely.
• Transfer the cooked tomatoes and beet root into blender and
blend into fine puree.
• Strain the puree through a strainer into a pan.
• The seeds and skin left back in the strainer can be used in any
sabzi or you can throw it away.
• Add sugar, salt, red chili powder, vinegar and mix well.
• You can use 4 tsp lemon juice in place of vinegar.
• Cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes until the ketchup
thickens up really good.
• If you take ketchup in a plate and tilt the plate and if the ketchup
doesn’t run anywhere of downwards then the ketchup is already.
• Turn off the gas and let the ketchup cool down completely.
• Transfer the ketchup into a bottle or clear glass bottle.
• You can store the ketchup in freeze for about 3-4 months.
• This ketchup remains good at room temperature for about a
• You can add 1/2 tsp Sodium Benzoate for 1 kg tomato when the
ketchup is about to get cooked.
• It acts as preservative and gives nice texture to it.
• Using Sodium Benzoate is purely optional.
• If you want to make chili sauce instead of plain ketchup then
increase the quantity of red chili powder.
• You can add garlic paste in this while cooking to make chili garlic

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