कांदा कापण्याच्या वेग वेगळ्या पद्धती | How to cut Onions Like a Pro | MadhurasRecipe Ep - 474

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Published on November 17, 2018
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Cutting onion is a very basic step of cooking. You need to cut the onion in different ways as per the recipe requirement. So here are some simple and easy tips to cut the onion those will help you a lot. Learn to cut the onion if you don’t know how and drop a comment for me. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe.
• Onions
• Sharp knife
• Take the onion and cut off the stem part.
• Cut the onion at the center and peel off the skin.
• Sometimes there is black fungus on the onion or around the edge.
• To remove that, dip the onion in water in a bowl.
• This will help to clean the onion as well to reduce the amount if Sulphur in it.

Thin Vertical sliced for biryani
• After removing onion for water, cut it at the center.
• While cutting the grip should be like 4 fingers on one side and
thumb on the other side.
• Cut the onion into as thin slices as possible.
• You can use this thinly sliced onion for fired onion for biryani or
for pakoda.

Horizontal sliced for pakoda, salad
• Cut the onion at the onion at the center into 2 halves.
• Cut the onion horizontally as thin as possible.
• You can use this onion for khekada bhaji.
• You can use this onion for lettuce salad or Ceaser salad.

Big, small and medium diced onion for sabzi
• Cut the onion at the center into 2 halves.
• Cut the onion into 2 halves.
• Cut it into medium slices vertically and then again horizontally.
• Dice means square pieces. This is small diced onion.

Petals for tikka
• Cut the onion into 2 halves.
• Again cut these halves 4 parts.
• Separate the petals.
• These can be used for barbeque, grill or tikka.
• You can call these as big cubes in place of petals.

Roundels for onion rings, salad decoration
• Roundels are used for onion ring or salad decoration.
• Cut the whole onion horizontally.
• You can cut it as thick or as thin as you want.
• If you want for onion rings then use big onion and make a little
thick slices.
• Separate the roundels.
• If you have made biryani then these can be used for plate
decoration or garnishing.

Finely chopped for pohe, upma
• Cut the onion into 2 halves.
• Cut as thin slices as possible vertically.
• Do not cut end to end. Leave some gap at one end or the petals
will be separated.
• Then cut it vertically into 3 portions, not end to end.
• Again cut it horizontally again.
• Here is finely chopped onion.

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