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Published on March 21, 2018
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This is a spice that is specially used in malvani recipes. This is a multipurpose masala that a=can be used in various curries, sabzis etc. It has amazing flavour and fantastic aroma. DO try this recipe at home and write to me. You also can like, share and subscribe.
• 50 gm Lavangi mirachi
• 250 gm Bedagi mirachi
• 50 gm Coriander seeds
• 10 gm Cloves
• 10 gm Mustard seeds
• 10 gm Turmeric powder
• 10 gm Jaypatri / Javitri
• 10 gm Cumin seeds
• 10 gm Poppy seeds
• 10 gm Fennel seeds
• 5 gm bay leaves
• 5 gm Stone flower
• 5 gm Fenugreek seeds
• 5 gm Green cardamom
• 5 gm Shahi Jeera
• 5 gm Black cardamom
• 5 gm Trifala
• 1/2 Nut meg
• 20 gm Cinnamon
• 20 gm Black peppercorns
• 20 gm Star anise
• Remove the stalk of the chilies and dry these under hot susn for
about 2 days. Chilies should be nice and crispy.
• Heat up pan on low to medium heat.
• Add coriander seeds and roast until these release aroma and
change the color a little.
• When coriander seeds are about a get roasted add fenugreek
seeds and roast again for about a minute or two.
• Transfer coriander seeds into a dish.
• Add cloves, black peppercorns and trifala into pan and roast on
medium heat for about 3-4 minutes.
• Transfer them into coriander seeds.
• Add cumin seeds, black jeera and fennel seeds into the pan.
• Roast on medium heat and transfer into coriander seeds.
• Add green cardamom, black cardamom, star anise into the pan
and roast well.
• Transfer these into other spices.
• Add jaypatri and stone flower into the pan and roast well.
• Transfer these into other spices.
• Add cinnamon into the pan and roast well.
• Transfer it into other spices.
• Add mustard seeds into the pan and roast well.
• When mustard seeds pop up, transfer them into other spices.
• Transfer nutmeg into the pan and heat it up well from both sides.
• Transfer it into other spices.
• Add bay leaves into the pan and roast well.
• Transfer them into other spices.
• Add poppy seeds and roast them well.
• Keep the heat very low as poppy seeds pop up as they heat up.
• Transfer them into other spices.
• Garam masale have been roasted.
• Add lavangi mirachi into the pan and roast it for about 7-8
minutes on medium heat.
• Transfer it into a bowl.
• Add bedagi mirachi and roast it well.
• Transfer it into another bowl.
• If you have oven then spread the chillies into a big oven tray.
• Turn on both upper and lower coil of the oven and roast the
chillies well on 100 Deg C for about 10 minutes. Keep on checking
at the intervals.
• Take the roasted garam masale into a blender jar and blend them
into fine powder.
• Take a fine strainer known as sooji strainer and sieve the ground
garam masala well.
• Transfer the left over coarse masasl into mirachi.
• Transfer lavangi mirachi and coarse masala into a blender jar and
blend everything well into fine powder.
• Again sieve the blended chili powder through sooji strainer into
garam masala.
• Transfer coarse powder into blender jar and add bedagi mirachi.
• Blend everything into fine powder.
• Sieve the chili powder with sooji strainer into garam masala
• Add turmeric powder and mix everything well together.
• Malvani masala is already.
• You can use this malvani masala in any malvani dishes like
malvani kaju usal, malvani chicken, malvani fish fry etc.
• You can store malvani masala in air tight container at dry and
cool place for about 1 year.
• If you don’t want to blend masala at home then you can always
blend it from a nearby mill.
• Do not roast the spices on high heat. Roast on low to medium
heat only.
• Do not over roast the spices. If you over roast the spices then
they lose their original flavour and turn bitter.
• If you add fenugreek seeds in hot pan then its bitterness
increases and it may burn.
• Roasting helps spices in releasing their flavour and makes them a
little crispy. So that it becomes easy to blend them.
• If you have kids at home do not roast chillies at all.

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