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Published on March 22, 2019
#लिंबाचीचटणी #मधुराजरेसिपी

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मधुरजरेसीपी पुस्तक घरपोहच मिळण्याकरता, तुमचे नाव आणि पत्ता ९८८११८६६६३ नंबरवर व्हाट्सअँप करा. हा नंबर मधुराच्या नसून हा माय मिरर पुब्लिकेशनचा नंबर आहे.

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Limbachi chutney is a very easy and simple recipe. It tastes just awesome, same as limbche lonche. It is a fantastic side dish. It gives nice tangy taste. You can try this recipe at home and drop a comment for me. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe.

• 10 Lemons
• A little more that 1 cup Sugar or Gudh
• 1 tsp Red chili powder
• Salt to taste

• Take lemons and wash them well.
• Use juicy and thin skinned lemons.
• If the skin is thick then the chutney will taste bitter.
• So make it a point to use thin skinned lemons.
• Transfer the washed lemons on a clean cloth and wipe them well.
No amount of water should be left on it.
• Cut each lemon into 8 parts.
• Remove all the seeds form the lemon.
• Not a single seeds should be left behind or the chutney will taste
• Transfer the chopped lemons into a blender jar and blend them
into paste.
• If the paste is 1 cup then add a little more than 1 cup sugar or
• If you are using gudh then use chopped one and not grated.
• Add red chili powder, salt and blend it once more.
• Chutney is all ready.
• Transfer it into a clean, air tight glass jar and close the lid.
• You can tie a cotton cloth too if you want around the lid.
• Let the chutney set at the room temperature for about 6-7 days.
Do not disturb it at all.
• When is sets after about 6-7 days you can have it.
• You can store this chutney in freeze for about 2-3 months.
• It is a perfect side dish.
• You can use it as a spread while making paratha roll or wrap.

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